Jeffrey Toobin lied about them being all blacks
Antifa-gs 32

Antifa is a group of protesters who disrupted the Unite the Right rally without permits.

One of them made an improvised flamethrower using hairspray and began attacking people.

August 2018Edit

Midterm VIOLENCEEdit "Trump warns of 'violence' if Republicans lose fall elections"

This is worded to suggest to people's imaginations that Trump is encouraging his right-wing followers to be violent towards democrats if they lose as some kind of revenge. Libtards were pushing this back in 2016 as well.

If you actually listen to what Trump says though, he is talking about violent leftist groups like ANTIFA and how they would be emboldened to commit further and more violence against the right if the Democrats managed to secure a majority, because they know they would get away with it (at most a slap on the wrist) and because anyone defending themselves against ANTIFA would be treated even more harshly than their attackers, leading to a chilling effect in self defense where victims hardly fight back, and get even more hurt.

Step 2 of their deception, for those who actually look past the misleading/ambiguous headlines and listen to Trump's words which clarify he meant left-on-right violence (not right-on-left violence) is to claim that criticism of AntFa is "racism":