Gashington the slaver >by age 11 owned ten slaves >during the American Revolution, many of Washington's slaves escaped Mt Vernon, and joined up with British loyalists, directly fighting against the American Continental Army >by the time of Washington's death, he controlled 317 slaves at Mt Vernon >of the 317, he owned 123 as his personal property >40 were being rented from neighbors >153 were owned by him through his marriage to Martha Washington, who acquired them on the death of her first husband, Daniel Parke Custis >on George's death, Martha freed most of George's 123 slaves >but her 153 slaves were left for her son, John Parke Custis >John Parke Custis's slaves and plantation at Arlington were later given to his son, George Washington Parke Custis, who grew up at Mt Vernon with his grandfather, President George Washington >George Washington Parke Custis's daughter was Mary Anna Custis >Mary Anna Custis married Robert E Lee >on the death of George Washington Park Custis, his slaves were given to Mary Anna Custis Lee & her husband Robert E Lee Robert E Lee >grew up with only two slaves, both as personal attendants >wrote in a letter to his wife that he found slavery to be morally and politically evil >the plantaion at Arlington which he inherited is now known as Arlington National Cemetery, the cemetery for US Armed Forces, which has over 400,000 graves for people who served in America's wars from the Civil War to now

Tl;dr: Trump is 100% correct to connect George Washington to Robert E Lee, as George Washington's slaves ended up in Robert E Lee's possession through marriage. Lee hated slavery, while Washington was a slaver since the age of 11. If the Left wants to attack and remove Lee from history, then Washington must be removed as well