what people think she looked like


what she actually looked like

Part of the alt-left (such as Antifa and BLM) who were assaulting peaceful Unite the Right activists as they attempted to leave Charlottesville.

She was part of the group impeding James Fields' escape as the alt-left pincer-attacked bim, forcing him to ram a white car (a sedan) to escape.

That sedan bumped a red minivan and the minivan nudged a couple people and they stumbled.

Heather Heyer had a heart attack and fell down from all the excitement due to her obesity.

News reported she was pronounced dead in University of Virginia hospital. Media is hiding how many hours it took to die and whether or not UoV doctors conspired to terminate her for political purposes.

Really old photosEdit

The media showed old photos of when Heyer was younger and weighed less.


Post-rally photographsEdit


During incidentEdit

set 1

set 2


Not HeathersEdit

A couple women nearby have been confused for Heather, here designated by their shirt colors:

Notheather BlackEdit

One woman with a hair bun was confused for Heather because she is also obese and also had a black shirt on. Heather however had a pleated ponytail.

Notheather TealEdit



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