Leftypol is a large GANG of 60 year old men who talk about out-dated philosophers like Max Stirner and fap to underaged catgirls. Nicknamed Salt Left on 8pol via their wordfilter. People on leftypol advocating for Posadist accelationism through the adoption of xenomorphic feminism via Libertarian monarcho-fascism in a concept called "pink pilling classcucks" which involves turning the entire world population into qt3.14 traps (Trannies). Leftypol is also guilty of birthing the monstrosity known as NAZBOL GANG GANG GANG GANG GANG GANGGANGGANG GANGGANGGANGGANGGANG into this world which was able to make the altright read all of Marx's work and masturbate constantly a man with a long neck in Syria. The virgins that dwell within this socialist board on the Nepalese cave painting forum, also known as 8chan, seem to be big fans of a sex god known as Enver Hoxha who was only known for debating Albanian muslims (kebab sticks) on youtube about the existence of god and building over 200,000 concrete bunkers for no reason. What an idiot but what do you expect from a socialist HAHAHJA COMMUNISM ABSOLUTELY BLOWN THE FUCK OUT OF THE WATER! HOW CAN THE LEFT EVER RECOVER?!

Leftypol also is known for their annoying eceleb drama that literally nobody cares about but is constantly talked about anyway. You have the anorexic paki known as 'Puke', 'Rebellious Obesity' who later got ploughed through his juicy boipussu by a hairy fashdaddy (Irma Grese), Anal Water, The 'Roo' and many more. I have no friends. The most infamous person from Leftypol other than Slave Ray is Miss Piggy. Piggy is a former tranny porn star from Turkey who is the board owner of leftypol who bans anyone with a higher testosterone levels than """"her"""" which ended up being three quarters of the board. Oops.

Marx was Jewish
Leftypol is a load of shit