Honda Odyssey is allegedly the brand of purplish maroon-red minivan which blocked the intersection of 4th street and water street.

It was parked for several minutes with contrasting stories of whether it was waiting or broken down.

The driver leapt onto the hood of the Toyota Camry as it was pushed by the Dodge Challenger. analyzes the false claim by the Charlottesville police department that it had "slowed for a crowd of people".

The "grass knoll" video as well as Ford Fischer's both show it had been parked blocking the crosswalk 5 minutes earlier when the way was clear ahead.

MaroonMinivan not broken down

False claims were also circulated that the van was broken down and awaiting a tow truck. This is proven false by the subtle pull-forward movement depicted in the grass knoll video which shot from it's left side.


The minivan in the crash after the Unite the Right rally was red.

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LinksEdit has comment "Why was the black woman in the center vehicle touching the bumper of the red honda odyssey if not to reduce .." has comment "Devil's advocate. The Honda Odyssey had lit brake lights the entire time the camera approached it, and you can see it rolling forward a few inches at one point. It is possible that the lady driving simply froze as pedestrians slowly streamed across the walkway"

At 26:56, you show the Honda Odyssey having a VIN of 5FNRL38777B403079.

At 27:22, you show the Honda Odyssey having a VIN of 5FNRL38777B413367.

Why are you showing two different VINs? 403079 is registered in Virginia, while 413367 is registered in Montana. They are two different Honda Odysseys registered in two different states.

Jason Kessler affirmed the brand at