Unite the Right is a rally held in August 2017 to preserve the historical monument of Robert E. Lee.

The pro-statue protesters legally acquired a permit and used the tiki torch in a tasteful manner to bring light to the dark city of Charlottesville.

These peaceful advocates were assaulted by AntiFa who invaded the city and did not have a legal permit to protest.

One peaceful was blinded by chemicals sprayed by one if these criminals.

They also brought clubs and began chasing cars through the streets and hitting them.

One of these was a Dodge Challenger, whose rear window was cracked and rear fender dented bg an AntiFa wielding a steel pipe.

As this Challenger was surrounded in an alleyway by an AntiFa pincer attack, the driver pushee bravely forward to escape by trying to reverse a car blocking the alley in front of him.

Unfortunately this was not possible because a third vehicle and a stout woman were behind the car and bracing it to keep the Challenger driver trampled until the bat-wielding pursuers behind him could catch up.

Seeing this, as a last resort the driver revsrsed course and disarmed the bat-wielding mob using his automobile.

Daniel Borden v DeAndre HarrisEdit

Lawyer Greg Berberich needs to know.

pincer attack on James Alex FieldsEdit

the Alt Left (Antifa and BLM) were attacking vehicles trying to leave the rally:

the Dodge Challenger which hit a sedan/minivan which then hit a crowd was also being attacked from behind: